Signage Design and Manufacture in Edmonton

Looking for outdoor signs? We sell custom outdoor signage to handle all of your outdoor advertising needs! From custom outdoor business signs and yard signs to real estate signs and post & panel signs – we have many outdoor advertising signs for sale to help you promote your business, office buildings, restaurant or storefront! We create sign products that last long term outdoors, with excellent colors and fade resistant properties.

Popular Outdoor Options

  • Window Decals & Graphics:Transform your window real estate into 24/7 advertising. We offer see through vinyl, opaque vinyl, frosted vinyl, and a wide variety of specialty vinyls as well.
  • Outdoor Sign Posts:Popular for real estate signage, we offer sign boards and posts. We make them custom sizes and heights. These can be permanent or short term.
  • Outdoor Vinyl Banners:Outdoor Vinyl Banners are a cost effective way to advertise your message or business. We can produce and install these for you. We offer full color photographic quality banners.
  • Specialty Vinyl:Try our new concrete vinyl graphics, these are good for street surfaces, brick and concrete walls, and other irregular surfaces. The end product looks painted onto the surface, but will leave no damage when it’s time to take them down.

These days, aluminium signs are still perfect for different kinds of uses, including in construction sites, commercial and residential buildings, store front signs, parking lots, auto repair and mechanic shops, Laundromats, doctor’s offices, cafes, and restaurants. Whatever business you are in, a well-designed and well-crafted sheet metal sign is a good investment that will last you for years.

In Edmonton, there are thousands of businesses competing for customers that might not notice them instantly. With VCPROS, you can be sure that your business will be seen right away—thanks to well-designed and well-crafted aluminium signs.

Indoor or Outdoor Cost-efficient Store Front Signs

If you want to increase the visibility of your business to reach a larger customer base, then investing in sheet metal signs, aluminium signs, flat signs, tin signs, blade signs, and aluminium signs is in your best interest.

Aside from being stylish and unique, aluminium signs are also very cost-efficient. These signs can withstand extreme heat, cold, wind, and sunshine—they can last for years without needing any repair or maintenance. Aluminium, as a material, is a perfect substitute for paper posters when it comes to advertising different products and services. And you get the VCPROS guarantee that the highest quality of material has been used in the creation of your tin signs.

In VCPROS, we provide our customers with an extremely durable sign that they can use with their business—we make sure that all our sheet metal signs are made from high-quality engineer-grade aluminium that is built to last.

Questions? we are here to help!